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Instructional Design Portfolio

Using the President & CEO's voiceover, I animated this video for all New Hires to learn more about the company. This video was created in Vyond, and I had a blast animating it. Click below to watch!

video thumbnail.png

Gamification plays a huge role in helping learners retain information while enjoying how they learn. Jeopardy is just one game; there are so many more that can be used in adult learning! Click below to see the PPT Show!

jeopardy thumbnail.png

Created in Articulate Rise/Storyline, this project provides product training to teach all employees, incoming and current, the in's and out's of the company products. Click below to see the eLearning course!

eLearning thumbnail.png

This VILT highlight reel provides glimpses of the New Hire Sales Bootcamp created for all new incoming sales representatives. The feedback was amazing, and the training was appreciated. Click below to watch!

highlight reel thumbnail.png

Style guides have always been useful to me as an Instructional Designer. In fact, this is a Style Guide I created several years ago, and it includes pertinent information that a designer would need when building a face-to-face course. Click below to see the PDF!

style guide thumbnail.png

While eLearning has its benefits, face-to-face or VILT still has its perks. For this project, deliverables included Participant Guides and a Facilitator Guide created in Adobe Framemaker. Click below to see the full PDF file (Instructor Guide and Participant Guide)!

teex thumbnail.png
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